Who we are

The Chicago Police Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization led by various Chicago business leaders. The Foundation helps to improve the city of Chicago’s public safety by supporting and funding programs that supplement resources and equipment available to the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

The Foundation believes that the availability of additional resources and equipment is vital to providing superior service for the citizens of the city and fostering healthy relationships between members of the CPD and the communities they serve.

Support the Chicago Police Foundation

Through your support, the CPD will receive additional resources to better serve and protect the
citizens of Chicago and enhance its trust with the public. The Foundation works with the CPD to
help secure and maintain the best resources necessary for the Department, strengthening its
capabilities to deal with technological, social and economic changes that influence policing in
Chicago today.

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LEMART Treatment Kits –Your Donation Can Help Save a Life

The Chicago Police Foundation is funding an initiative to provide all Chicago Police Officers trained in the special Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART) technique with customized treatment kits. These life-saving kits supply the necessary equipment to allow LEMART trained police officers on the scene in tactical and emergency situations to administer rapid, on-site aid for serious wounds and injuries until appropriate medical help can arrive.

Your donation of $100.00 will make it possible for the Chicago Police Foundation to provide LEMART trained police officers with one of these important life-saving kits that can benefit both the police and the citizens they serve in Chicago.


Watch the ABC 7 Chicago News segment showing how Chicago Police Officers used their LEMART training and safety kit to help save the life of a victim of a serious auto accident. Click here for video>>

Watch NBC Chicago Channel 5 News segment showing the Chicago Police Foundation presenting LEMART kits to new police officer graduates at the Chicago Police Academy Click here for video>>

Watch the CBS Chicago Channel 2 News report about LEMART training – Click here for video>>


Equipment & Technology

Keeping pace with the latest equipment and emerging technologies in policing

Education & Training

Providing supplemental education, training and skill development for all CPD officers


Strengthening the partnership between the police and the public through community outreach and youth programs