Nonprofit Facilitates Travel for Department to Spearhead Recruiting;
20 Recruits Signed with More Anticipated

Chicago, April 19, 2022—The Chicago Police Foundation (CPF), partnering with the Chicago Police Department (CPD), held its inaugural recruiting event with the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Built on the positive, established relationship between the USMC and the CPF, this pilot program was created to recruit compassionate, qualified Marines to join the CPD.

Between March 29 to 31, 2022, members of CPD, led by CPD head of recruitment Deputy Chief Migdalia Bulnes, traveled to Camp Lejeune, NC, courtesy of the CPF. Recruiting at the base streamlined the hiring process so recruits could take the entrance exam, drug test, be fingerprinted, and answer the mandatory questionnaire in two days instead of multiple months. In all, 20 Marines were signed thru the first visit.

“We are overwhelmed at the success of the inaugural recruitment trip,” said Rick Simon, Chairman of CPF who led the delegation to Camp Lejeune. “Our Department deserves the best in class, and the Marines at Camp Lejeune exemplify the quality and characteristics of the finest Chicago Police Department officers. Marine training helps expedite these recruits because they have qualified at the Marine level of training. We look forward to building and growing the recruiting program with the USMC.”

“Given the relationship between the Chicago Police Department and the USMC, this will be an ongoing program in Camp Lejeune and other Marine bases,” said Deputy Chief Bulnes.” As Deputy Chief in command of Recruitment, I worked diligently to change the hiring process. CPD administered the entrance test, drug test, fingerprint, and the mandatory questionnaire onsite, in three days, which generally takes months. This was instrumental in the success of the program. These efforts are essential to building a more diverse police department reflective of the entire city, while keeping and growing trust, strengthening our Department, and making our city safe.”

CPF has a goal of generating more than 200 diverse, qualified candidates for the Chicago Police Department each year and enhancing the mission of CPD of being committed to protecting the lives, property, and rights of all people, maintaining order, and enforcing the law impartially.

The next CPF recruiting event with the USMC is planned for late May at Camp Pendleton in California.



Chicago Police Foundation Partners With Guaranteed Rate

Chicago, August 31, 2021
– The saying “all good things come in small packages” could not be any more accurate as the Chicago Police Foundation was proud to partner with Guaranteed Rate to provide free meals for our 15,000 officers across all city districts. In the words our Chairman, Rick Simon “The lunches given out our officers contained two pounds of great food, five pounds of ‘thank you’ and twenty pounds of dignity, given to us by our friends at Guaranteed Rate”



A Message from our Chairman

Chicago, June 3, 2020 – “Thank you to the dedicated officers of the CPD for prioritizing the safety of our communities to protect the neighborhoods we work and live in. You are vital as we continue and strive hard to improve the city of Chicago and the lives of all its citizens.”
Rick Simon, Chairman, Chicago Police Foundation

Chicago Police Foundation Adds New Board Members

Chicago, October 23, 2019 – The Chicago Police Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization established through the interest and primary support of the Chicago business community, announced the election of new members to its Board of Directors. The foundation’s mission is to provide supplemental resources to support Chicago Police Department (CPD) initiatives and priority programs focused on the areas of safety equipment, advanced training, enhanced technology, and officer wellness.

“We’re excited to have these notable leaders from Chicago’s business community join our Board of Directors,” said John C. Robak, Chairman of the Chicago Police Foundation.

• Arica Hilton, President, Hilton | Asmus Contemporary
• Edward H. Mazur, Chairman, City Club of Chicago
• Sara J. Schroeder, Associate, The Sotos Law Firm
• Patricia Provenzano, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

“All of these individuals are committed to supporting the Police Department, and I’m confident that they will be effective in advancing the foundation’s mission to ultimately enhance public safety and help build stronger relationships between the Chicago Police and the communities they serve,” said Robak.

“Working in cooperation with the Police Department, the Board of Directors leads the foundation’s efforts to raise additional funds to help secure the best resources needed to serve and protect the citizens of our city,” said Mary Ann Rose, Executive Director of the Chicago Police Foundation.


Stunning New Work by Legendary Photographer David Yarrow Unveiled at Chicago Gallery
A portion of proceeds from his Chicago photography will benefit the Chicago Police Foundation

Chicago, July 27, 2018 –  Legendary photographer David Yarrow recently unveiled Sweet Home Chicago, a limited-edition photograph, made exclusively for Hilton ǀ Asmus Contemporary. Yarrow, one of the world’s best-selling photographers, has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the Chicago photograph print sales to the Chicago Police Foundation. During the unveiling reception, Yarrow spoke about the photo shoot, his vision, and what drew him to Chicago.

In November 2017, Yarrow was in town for the opening of his solo exhibition Wild Encountersat Hilton | Asmus Contemporary, a gallery located in Chicago’s River North area.  He was invited to attend the Chicago Police Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the True Blue Event, where he met Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson and John C. Robak, Chair of the Chicago Police Foundation Board. The idea for the photo shoot came to him as he walked back to his hotel after the gala to support the Chicago Police Department. Inspired by both the event and Chicago’s stunning architecture, Yarrow envisioned photographing a wolf using the famed architecture as a backdrop. Working with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, and the Chicago Film Office, the process began to scout the location and obtain the necessary permits and licensing.  A few weeks later, he was back in Chicago for the photo shoot. From 11:00 PM – 3:00 AM, one cold evening, Yarrow and his team brilliantly photographed the wolf in the foreground against some of Chicago’s most prominent architecture along its famous riverwalk. No animals were mistreated in this process.

Yarrow wrote (excerpted), “The city has the most visually intoxicating architecture in America and at the cross point of the river and Michigan Avenue, there is space to breathe and find a full frame, as opposed to a brutally vertical perspective. It is truly a stunning location, particularly at night. Taking my audacious and challenging preconception linearly through to its conception in the middle of a cold Chicago night involved a huge amount of teamwork and resolve and I thank everyone for their roles – especially the wolf and Chicago Police Department (whose charitable foundation will rightly benefit from [a portion of] the proceeds of print sales).”

John C. Robak, the Chicago Police Foundation Board Chair said, “We are extremely grateful for David’s incredible artistic vision and his generous philanthropic support of our organization, the Chicago Police Department, and our city. The Foundation is dedicated to providing supplemental resources in safety equipment, advanced training, and technology to the Chicago Police Department. The programs we fund are ultimately intended to help enhance overall public safety and build stronger relationships between the police and the communities they serve. “

Yarrow’s Sweet Home Chicago photo is currently on display at Hilton ǀ Asmus Contemporary located at 716 N. Wells Street.


Chicago Police Foundation Supports Expansion of Special Community Building Law Enforcement Interaction Program at DuSable Museum

 Chicago, June 29, 2017 – The Chicago Metropolitan Chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), in partnership with the Chicago Police Department, will expand a law literacy and community building law enforcement interaction program for urban youth with special summer sessions through the funding support of the Chicago Police Foundation.  A nationally recognized interactive training program, “The Law and Your Community” is a 12-week curriculum designed to help educate students and young adults on the criminal justice system, criminal laws, law enforcement and policing, and the proper way to interact safely with police officers during an encounter. Chicago police officers who are trained to facilitate The Law and Your Community sessions use various teaching methods, such as role reversal skits, interactive scenarios, videos, slide shows and vignettes designed to encourage discussion among the students and law enforcement officers.

 NOBLE completed The Law and Your Community sessions at 15 Chicago high schools and middle schools during the 2016-2017 school year, and will be offering an 8-session summer mentoring program at the DuSable Museum of African American History from July 5th – August 23rd. The new pilot initiative, “The Law and Your Community Global Ambassador Summer Mentoring Program,” is designed to expound on themes of personal development such as decision-making, leadership, self-esteem and self-awareness, communication, and goal-setting, which the students and facilitators wanted to explore during the in-school The Law and Your Community sessions. “We’re excited to be able to offer this special summer session at DuSable Museum,” said Eugene Williams, retired Chief of the Chicago Police Department and current President of the Chicago Metropolitan Chapter of NOBLE.  “Officers realized that the students in their groups wanted to be able to connect with them on a deeper level and learn life lessons in addition to the information in The Law and Your Community curriculum. Thanks to the generous financial support of the Chicago Police Foundation, the students and mentor officers will have that opportunity and be able to explore topics not previously discussed during our 12-week school-year program.”

In addition, during each session representatives of the Chicago Consular Corps will visit with the students to guide them through an exploration of their country and the history of black and brown civilizations as a whole.  The following consulates have been invited to participate: Nepal, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, South Africa, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Comoros.  The goal of this mentoring program is to increase the students’ sense of self by understanding their global interconnectivity and history and build their self-worth and self-understanding of who they are in their local community.

“The Chicago Police Foundation believes that this is an effective program for helping to open dialogue and interaction between the Chicago Police Department and community members,” said John C. Robak, Chair of the Chicago Police Foundation. “And, we’re pleased to financially support the expansion of The Law and Your Community Global Ambassador Summer Mentoring Program to provide a positive learning activity and experience for students when they are out of school during the summer months.”

In addition to supporting the DuSable Museum program for students this summer, the Chicago Police Foundation is also funding one-day workshop/presentation sessions of The Law and Your Community that will be open to all ages at various churches and civic organizations in the city, in response to numerous requests received by NOBLE for the program. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson also expressed his thanks to the Chicago Police Foundation, “I am very grateful for the support as we expand our community outreach. It is essential that we join our partners in reaching out to young people about positive police interactions.”

“I think everyone who has participated in the program has benefited from it, both community participants and the police officers who are facilitating the sessions,” said Williams. “It’s about seeing the other person not just as someone in a uniform, or someone from a certain neighborhood, but trying to understand each other on a human level, a more personal level.  Particularly, it allows young people to find out what it’s like to be a police officer in certain situations.”


Chicago Police Foundation Provides Funding Support for New Chicago Police Department Crime Reduction Technology Initiative

Chicago, February 3, 2017 – The Chicago Police Foundation (CPF) is supporting a new Chicago Police Department initiative to reduce violent crime through the expanded implementation of the ShotSpotter technology in two of the city’s high-crime areas. ShotSpotter, a gunshot alerting system that pinpoints locations where shots have been fired, will help improve police response times in these instances. The Foundation will provide 130 smart phones to the police department for the expansion of the pilot program for this mobile-based ShotSpotter technology in the Englewood and Harrison Districts of the city.

Through this initiative, police officers in the field will be equipped with smart phones purchased by the CPF that will provide real-time actionable alerts at their fingertips for better tactical decision making.  The capability to receive instant notifications and more accurate location information and other data will allow officers to be more predictive, proactive and effective in responding to situations where shots have been fired.

“I believe this will be an effective tool that can be used to improve police responsiveness in shots-fired incidents and will enhance the accurate exchange of communication between the public and the police when reporting other crime-related or emergency situations,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson. “I thank the Chicago Police Foundation for its ongoing efforts to support the Chicago Police Department with essential funding for this important data-driven enforcement technology that will help police officers reduce violent crime and build public trust.”

“Providing supplemental funding for technology advancements is a key area of focus within the Foundation’s overall mission,” said John C. Robak, Chair of the Chicago Police Foundation Board of Directors.  “The board is pleased to be able to help fund this police department initiative to effectively implement new technologies that can improve officer and public safety, enhance communication, and ultimately help build stronger community partnerships between the police and the public.”

To learn more about the Chicago Police Department’s ShotSpotter technology initiative to reduce violent crime, read the Chicago Tribune article at,amp.html


The Chicago Police Foundation Supports Efforts to Improve Public Safety with Donation of LEMART Treatment Kits

Chicago, October 21, 2016 – The Chicago Police Foundation is funding a new initiative to provide Chicago Police Officers trained in the special Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART) technique with customized individual first-aid kits. These life-saving kits supply the necessary equipment to allow LEMART trained police officers on the scene in tactical and emergency situations to administer rapid, on-site aid for serious wounds and injuries until appropriate medical help can arrive.

The foundation plans to donate a total of 2,000 kits to the Chicago Police Department over the next four years.  The long-term goal is to provide these specialized kits to all officers who complete the LEMART training course provided by the Chicago Police Department.

The Chicago Police Foundation delivered 400 LEMART kits to the Chicago Police Academy today where they were distributed to new police recruits who have completed the LEMART training.

“I am extremely grateful to the Police Foundation for their continued support in purchasing LEMART kits” said Superintendent Eddie Johnson. “The expansion of these kits will go a long way to help officers and the public who have sustained life threatening injuries. The efforts and the generosity of the Foundation will help us provide even better service to the city.”

“The Chicago Police Foundation is committed to providing supplemental resources to the police department to help improve public safety across the city,” said John C. Robak, Chair of the Chicago Police Foundation.  “We believe that providing LEMART trained police officers with one of these important life-saving kits can benefit both the police and the citizens they serve in Chicago.”

To learn more about the LEMART Treatment Kits Initiative or to make a donation to the Chicago Police Foundation visit